torsdag 19. september 2013

Traffic and driving in Edinburgh...!


Wow, they love to use the horn! Hehe.. They drive fast, and use the horn if they have to slow down a little, because you came out on the road a bit too late. It's a challenge to drive here.. ;)
In Norway we never use the horn, at least very rarely.. People get more aggressive in cars in Norway too, but in Scotland, wow... it was a surprise!
I LOOOVE driving on the left side of the road though, it's the total opposite to what I'm used to, but still, not too difficult.;)
It actually seems as the correct way to drive, I dunno why..?... :)


I don't dare to drive closer to the city because of the big roundabouts and the people's need for using the horn... Maybe someday.. After an episode when someone drove up to our side and a woman looked totally crazy mad at us, I was shocked... that people have such a temper in addition to being in a desperate hurry to get to their destination as fast as possible.
Also, you may have to wait for crossing the street a while... 1-2-3-4-5 cars passed by me and my little one, and then we could move... there were no cars that stopped. I guess it's normal here, that cars do not stop.
You would get shot (well, that was dramatic... more like yelled at) if you didn't stop for someone who wants to cross the street. My hubby got the horn, when he stopped his car for someone. It's the opposite back in Norway.

I thought I was an agressive driver. Not anymore! ... ;)
I'm not saying that Norwegians are better drivers, but it's a bigger challenge to drive here..
I feel it's easier to crash into someone/something if someone is suddenly honking the horn. Dangerous!

The traffic lights seem like they're jammed everytime it's red, a long wait. I'm an inpatient soul I guess.
In Scotland they have traffic lights in the big roundabouts, and we should have the same in Norway, much better.

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