torsdag 19. september 2013

Edinburgh, our new home!

Me, my hubby and our 2 kids moved abroad in August this year.
Mr got a job offer through work, and we got the chance to try living in Scotland for 1 year.
We have been here for about 1 month now.
I can see the differences between Norway and Scotland, some alike and some different, as expected.


We live in a typical brick house, it's more than 100 years old, charming but.. yes, OLD.. ;)
As the house will be COLD in winter, and as it's a bit too far from Edinburgh centre, we want to move closer to the city after a few months.
The apartments/houses for rent show that people here doesn't care to much about interior..
Our house has a red old couch and old, not so nice furniture.
I love all the pipes on the roof though, they have alot of those. In Norway we usually only have one.;)
Scottish people seem to like a darker more cozy atmosphere inside, as we Norwegians like white, white but also with some detail in colour.
We have been to a viewing near the centre, but it was a bit old and dark.. The agent said we had to fill out an application form, and we would know in about 4 days if interested. The landlord makes the decision.
We love the area in Newington and Morningside so we tried to go to a new viewing today.
There was a car outside the number of the apartment building (Umega). We didn't have the information about what flat number... and as no one answered our call we went home, disapponting! Which agent doesn't carry his mobile phone? That was strange..
It seems like they don't take their job as an agent too serious.?


Tesco is nearby, and it has ALOT of different food, drinks... everything. It's HUGE.
Mr. was told that this Tesco near us was SMALL. WOW! At home, then the stores have to be miniatures..hehe!
Whenever we drive to Edinburgh I feel the people are more approachable, and stylish.
I would like to live there.. Maybe in Newington or Morningside.
The shops and cafes there are SO charming, with bright colors and close together by the busy street.

I'm sorry... my english is not perfect! Bear with me please..


Please and sorry, and also helping if suddenly the trolley collapse when crossing the street is in scottish nature. Norwegians is not brought up to be so polite and helpful.
Even so, I am disappointed that a lot of the people here look so serious, not smiling so much.
I've met quite a few who smile and are very nice, but people (at Tesco, as an example) seems to be in a hurry and looking quite 'unhappy'... or maybe they're not, maybe just caught up in their own lives.
Maybe us norwegians are like this too, but I think I remember they smiled more often..


Girls passing by with bright red hair and a cool hat, and guys with tie and jeans.
I love it when they dress how they feel like, their own style. Norwegians are more 'safe' in wearing clothes, often wear the same type of jeans, and a nice normal top or a fluffy blouse.
Below is a picture from the festival, a lot of people, including tourists and ourselves:)


I love the cool clubs and night clubs, like the Caves we went to one night (when my Mum visited, she watched the kids).
In Norway the places we go to in the weekends are a lot brighter, minimalistic and always with this RnB and techno music. It was really refreshing to go to the Caves, to watch a poetry couple, and have some beers while listening to original music.
We also went to the Fringe festival, the centre was CROWDED and people having shows and theatre everywhere. The town home in Norway is small, not a lot is happening, and if there is a concert one year, then EVERYONE is going. It feels more like a place in the countryside, 'bygd' (norwegian word), not like a big town.
Edinburgh is a big town, and I dunno if I can ever go back to living in a small 'village' .... ;)
I also have to mention the beautiful parks here, who are actually not full of drunk people (as the parks in Norway).

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  1. Why have'nt we heard from you in sometime.Hope everything is well.