torsdag 19. september 2013

I fell in love with... Pathhead!

We often drive without knowing where we end up.
I love that about Edinburgh. It's so much to see, and so many things to do!


One day we ended up in Pathhead..
We had never been there before, but we decided to take a walk around the neighbourhood.

It was so charming, eye catching and lovely!

Me and my man fell totally inlove with this place. What a cute village, and a perfect place to live as a kid.
I have no idea how it is to live there as a kid though;)  I just fellt a good vibe, a calm atmosphere..
There was houses close together, as it often is in Scotland, but quite different - I really don't know how to describe it, you just FEEL it.

We ended up at a playground, a lot of kids running around, having fun, some were playing soccer.
Some kids from a garden on the other side talked loudly to the kids at the playground.
It felt like everyone knew everyone here.

On our way back to the car, we saw a guy yelling to his dog who was barking.
He turned his head when we walked by, taking his time to smile and say hi. What a lovely man.
I only saw his tattoo and heard his angry voice to his dog, and I thought I better hurry on by.
How easy it is to judge people..

There were small paths up and down, a big grass lawn and .. I just kept thinking, these kids must love it here, running around, exploring.. What a beautiful village..
It was not a luxurious place, but I'd rather have lived like this than in any rich, fancy area. when I was a kid..:)
This place had a SOUL.

You can read more about Pathhead HERE:)

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